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Prayer Points (December 3, 2019)

1. Pray for the Pastor Search Team. Pray that they will listen to hear the voice of the Spirit and they will follow His leadership in His time and submit to His will.

2. Pray for the leaders in our Good News Club. Pray that our leaders will be led and directed by the Holy Spirit. Pray that the Holy Spirit will use this ministry to draw many students to Jesus.

3. Engage in spiritual warfare praying and pray that Christ would bind the Enemy away from BBC and protect us from his attacks on us to hinder the work God is doing in our church. Pray and ask the Holy Spirit to protect the unity of our fellowship. Pray and ask the Holy Spirit to bind the mouths of any gossipers and any who would seek to sow discord in our church. Specifically pray and ask the Holy Spirit to spoil any and every scheme the Enemy is plotting to hinder the work God is doing at BBC.

3. In Matthew 1:21, an angel told Joseph that Mary would bear a Son, and that he was to call Him Jesus, “for He will save His people from their sins.” Let’s pray that Jesus will powerfully work throughout this Christmas season to draw the lost to Himself.

4. Pray for our Finance Committee as they begin working on the proposed budget for the new church year.

5. Pray that Pastor Jesse and the other leaders in our church will seek God’s wisdom and not this world’s wisdom in leading our church into the future that God has for us. Pray that they would lean on God’s understanding, not man’s understanding. Pray that the members of BBC would be willing to follow God’s leadership through the spiritual leaders He has given our church.

6. Pray for Brother David, the choir, the Praise Team, the musicians and the sound and video team as they prepare for Worship Services. Pray for Pastor Jesse as he studies and prepares for this Sunday. Pray for the invitation. Pray that the Holy Spirit will draw people to the decision that God is calling them to make.

7. Pray for your Sunday School class members. Pray for your teacher as he/she studies and prepares this week. Pray that the Lord will add people to your Small Group Sunday School. Pray for the members who were absent this past week.

8. Pray and ask God to draw people from the North, South, East and West to our services this weekend. Ask Him to fill His house with worshipers who desire to worship Him in spirit and in truth.

9. Pray for Kelsey and our volunteers as they are leading and preparing our children for our Christmas play. Pray for our children as they are rehearsing.

10. Living in a world system where everyone is encouraged to live for their own glory, pray that our church will fix our eyes on Jesus and follow His example of selfless obedience to the Father’s will (John 8:50).