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Special Notice

Our church staff continues to monitor news and governmental statements regarding the spread of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) and seeking God’s direction concerning our weekly church gatherings. We are in contact with a number of informed and wise counselors. We also are in contact with other local churches in our community and in the Hickory area.

At this time, we are suspending our weekly Wednesday evening meals for the next two weeks. We will reassess the situation in two weeks and determine when we will restart our Wednesday meals.

We are not canceling our weekly congregational gatherings. At this time, we will follow our weekly schedule with the exception of the Wednesday evening meals. Following this weekend’s gatherings, we will check the status of the spread of the virus and seek God’s direction concerning our weekly church gatherings moving forward.

In order to help keep our members and guests healthy at our weekly church gatherings, BBC will follow CDC recommendations for gatherings and events. We ask that if you have had a fever greater than 100.4, cough, runny nose, sore throat or trouble breathing within 24 hours prior to a church gathering, please stay home. For emphasis, let me say if you are sick, please stay home. Also, if you have a weakened or compromised physical condition and you feel like you need to stay home, please feel free to stay home. We understand.

We have a rather large Worship Center. If you feel a little uncomfortable sitting close to people, consider sitting in the balcony or an area on the first floor where fewer people are seated.

At this time, we will also exercise caution in physical contact. We recommend “fist bumps” or “elbow bumps”, rather than handshakes or hugs. If you feel more comfortable with no kind of physical contact, we will understand.

We also ask that you pray and ask God, in His mercy, to stop this pandemic and save people’s lives – not just in our community and area, but also around the world. We also ask that you pray and ask God to protect our elderly members and those who have weakened or compromised physical conditions.

Please help us spread the world by sharing this Facebook Post. Also, we ask that you watch for special announcements. This situation is highly fluid and may change in a short period of time.