Make An Impact

Why do we give?

God modeled generosity when He gave the world His Son (John 3:16). In obedience to Christ, we are compelled to become more like Him through our giving. As a result, we grow spiritually and reflect God’s generous nature in the world.

When should we give?

Intentional giving from our financial increase should be our first financial priority (Proverbs 3:9-101 Corinthians 16:12). Many people plan to give by using a recurring online transaction. You can set one up by clicking on the Donate button below.

How much should we give?

“Tithing” is giving 10 percent of one’s gross income to the church. We teach cheerful tithing as a minimum standard to which Christians should aspire. If you can’t give 10 percent, we would encourage you to start giving any amount now and make tithing a goal.

The concept of tithing is taught in the Old Testament (Leviticus 27:30Malachi 3:10). In the New Testament, the standard of giving is the cross of Jesus Christ. Scripture is clear that everything belongs to God, and we are simply stewards (Psalm 24:1). We should give joyfully and generously (II Corinthians 9:7). While free from the legality of percentages, we measure our giving by what Christ gave for us. Our generosity is in response to a debt we can never repay!

Not Equal Shares, But Equal Sacrifice

BBC Capital Campaign

The concept of equal giving has never existed at our church. Instead, we believe that the sacrifice should be equal. This ensures that there is a role in this capital campaign for every member of the church. Everyone’s sacrifice is important if we are to be successful. Your financial involvement is a decision between you and the Lord. Giving is a part of worship, but giving must come from your heart to please God. You will never be pressured, nor told what you should give. However, we ask that you pray to discern God’s will for your participation in the campaign.

Tithes and Offerings may be given during worship each Sunday, through text, or by giving online. BBC also accepts the transfer of stocks and estate gifts. Please contact our Financial Administrator for more information. You may also set up a one time tithe or gift as well as reoccurring tithes by clicking the link below for online giving. This will allow you to give to our General Fund which supplies the funding for our church building and programing as well as donate specifically to the Capital Campaign or to a specific need/group.

As of February 2023, BBC is transitioning to Church Center for online giving. If you give online or have set up reoccurring giving through our previous platform, please click on the link above to give or set up a new reoccurring giving.

Giving reflects our priorities.
When we invest our treasure, our hearts follow.