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Christmas Dinner and Show – 12/22/19

The BBC kids will be performing “Away in a Mango” on December 22, 2019. This is a fundraiser for our kids and youth, all proceeds will go towards their cost to attend camp next year. Come join in on the fun as the kids play out a Christmas adventure in the tropics…. Dinner begins at […]

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Are You Living In A Glass House?

When most people build a house, they dream of a house that will last a lifetime. But sadly, in reality, many homes built on good intentions have turned brick and mortar into fragile glass. Sometimes life doesn’t turn out the way we plan, and we find ourselves living in a glass house. In the midst […]

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We are going LIVE on Facebook starting 9/8/2019

Check it out on our Facebook page :

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Beyond the Ashes

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