Grade 6 - 12

Why Be In A Youth Group?

For the body of Christ to grow, meaning the believers, it is necessary to start with the future of the church—the youth. The goal is to teach young people within the church to continue trusting and growing in their relationship with God. This experience will propel them to be faithful to Christ in all they do as they get older. The church itself flourishes in this way, along with the congregation AND IT'S FUN!!!

How Does Our Youth Group GROW?

We want the youth to be able to share their lives with one another and create space for students to build community in the church. We want them to grow in caring for, loving, and praying for one another. We also want them to be able to share their lives with older believers in the church. As students interact with our youth leaders, we pray that leaders would model sharing their lives and dependence on Christ as an important part of the life of a believer. Whether it is our staff, deacons,, friends’ parents, or youth leaders, our desire is for adults to walk alongside students as they move through this stage of life.

We seek to share our lives by: fellowship weekly, Sunday Morning Small Group, attending students’ athletic events/performances/etc., Christmas parties, Youth Camp, Winter Camp, Monthly Youth Events, and other fun activities together.

Along with being supported by adults and seeing their faith modeled, we also hope that clear Gospel teaching will help our students see their need for Christ and how to respond to Christ’s calling on their lives. We seek to Gospel teach through: Sunday Night Fellowship (including small group time), Monthly Fellowship Activities, Spring & Fall Youth Retreats, & other bible studies throughout the year.

We place an emphasis on living out your faith. That’s why we challenge our High Schoolers to take a deep look at their faith to discover how God can use them to help others. Additionally, we challenge students to take a next step by joining a serve team and training others in what Christian leadership looks like.

These weekly environments along with camps, retreats, mission trips, and special events create a connection with God that students come back to for the rest of their lives.

Youth Small Group

9:30 AM Youth Room

Ignite Youth Group

6:30 pm- 8:30 pm Youth Room

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